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St. Landry Parish Migrant Education Program provides service to students moving into the parish,Migrant Education Program ages 3 through 21, who moves with parents or guardians who seek or obtain temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture or fishing related activities. The Migrant Education Program offers a broad range of educational and support services. Our leading crops in St. Landry Parish are rice, soybeans, crawfish, catfish farms, sweet potatoes and sugarcane. Forestry, livestock and dairy farms are also in the area.

St. Landry is able to present this service to the families in approximately sixteen (16) local communities within the parish, serving over 120 students.

Services includes:

  • A network of identification specialist (recruiter, advocates) who work to enroll children in school and into the migrant program.

  • Continuing communication between the home and school by making periodical home and school visits.

  • School supplies are distributed as needed.

  • Summer school workbooks are provided to enhance their skills during the summer months.

  • Short term tutorial interventions are provided, as deemed necessary.

"For Children On The Move...Harvest of Hope"

Scott Champagne, Program Director

Ericka F. WeeksMigrant Recruiter/Advocate

Direct Line: 337-948-6341
Phone:  337-948-3657 Ext. 10274 

Visit the Louisiana Migrant Education Program website by going to https://louisianamigrantidr.com/.

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