Family Resource Centers


Family Resource Centers


  • To help parents gain confidence and effectiveness in parental roles as their child’s primary and most important nurtures, teachers, and advocates.

  • To help parents gain effective linkage with education, health, and human service agencies in St. Landry Parish and statewide.

  • To provide new ways for parents, educators, and children to work together.

  • To provide a supportive environment at school where parent involvement is encouraged.

  • To provide an area where teachers can recommend and/or place suggested materials that will enrich their students’ curriculum.

  • To provide an interconnection between the school and businesses that shows their sincere interest in the well-being of children and families.

Special parenting workshops, individual families and/or group meetings, grade-level materials, make and take activities, and home visits based on specific requests are also a valuable resource of the family resource center under the supervision of Pat Mason-Guillory, Coordinator of Parent Involvement, and Scott Champagne, Title I Director.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Family Resource Center is to serve as a resource for parents in order to encourage and support children in their learning efforts. The centers are designed to provide learning experiences for parents and family members to work more effectively with their children at home. Parents can receive information, instructional materials, personal assistance, training, and support to help provide the best education possible for children. Teachers and students may also take advantage of the center's activities and resources. The centers will provide and disseminate all literature pertaining to the No Child Left Behind Act.

PARTICIPANTS: The Family Resource Centers are open to all parents and family members of Title I students in grades Pre-K through eighth (8th.)

SCHEDULE: The regular school schedule is observed (8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday). The centers offer some morning, afternoon, and evening hours to accommodate working and non-working parents and other family members.

STAFF: The Family Resource Centers are staffed with Parent Educators. The Parent Educators are responsible for maintaining the daily operations of the centers, while providing consistent, quality services to Title I families and the community. The staff meets frequently with classroom teachers to discuss each child's individual needs. After determining these needs, home visits are scheduled with the parents and other family members.

The Role of the Parent Educator:

  • Discuss and share the family resource center vision and goals and be sure all persons involved have a clear understanding.

  • Work with the principal to develop Family Resource Center (FRC) awareness during in-service and department meetings.

  • Provide teachers with information on FRC-housed materials that can boost their students’ classroom performance.

  • Introduce FRC at Open House, PTA/PTO meetings, grade level orientation, and other requested times.

  • Provide parents with a copy of the school’s parent involvement policy, compact and handbook.

  • Be present at school-sponsored events relating directly to parent involvement.

  • Provide parents with the skills to reinforce reading and mathematics.

  • Provide parents with awareness of new resources, curricula and instructional materials adopted or used in the school and parish.

  • Provide parents with training in the use of take-home computers as teaching aids.

  • Provide parents with access to community and agency programs that would expand their parenting skills.

  • Provide parents with knowledge about the community resources.

  • Provide parents training in the area of literacy.

  • Provide parents with reinforcement activities to improve skills in the areas of reading, mathematics, language/vocabulary development and study habits.

  • Provide parents with a warm environment, one in which they can develop a positive self-concept and increase their self-esteem.

  • Make personal contact with parents upon referrals by classroom teachers, instructional specialists, and/or administrative personnel.

  • Provide materials for non-school-aged children and adults of participating Title I families.

Teamwork coupled with enthusiasm and direction will make things happen for the entire school community.


Creswell Middle School

1235 Creswell Ln.

Opelousas, LA. 70570

Sch: (337) 942-4892


East Elementary
550 Brother J Road
Eunice, LA 70535
FRC: (337) 457-4125
Sch: (337) 457-2257


Eunice Jr. High
751 W. Oak St.
Eunice, LA 70535
Sch: (337) 457-7386


Glendale Elementary
900 W. Dean St.
Eunice, LA 70535
Sch: (337) 457-4121

Grand Coteau Elementary
238 Church St.
Grand Coteau, LA 70541
FRC: (337) 662-5816
Sch: (337) 662-5439


Grolee Elementary 
1540 West Grolee St.
Opelousas, LA 70570
Sch: (337) 942-3130


Highland Elementary 
1341 Duck Ave.
Eunice, LA 70535
Sch: (337) 457-5161

Northeast Elementary
1125 E. Mamie St.
Opelousas, LA 70570
FRC: (337) 942-8322
Sch: (337) 942-5390


Opelousas Jr. High
730 Market St.
Opelousas, LA 70570
Sch: (337) 942-4957


Opelousas Middle

409 E. South Street

Opelousas, LA 70570

Sch: (337) 942-8127 


Sunset Middle
236 Church Hill Street
Sunset, LA 70584
FRC: (337) 662-7100
Sch:  (337) 662-3194